The Unhealthy Habits of Overweight People

Are you tired of being overweight? Running out of complaints and excuses?

Below are 8 of the most annoying unhealthy habits that some people practice and the healthy habits to follow:

1. Energy drinks for breakfast. You probably see a lot of people around with a can of energy drink assuming they supply energy for their morning. These drinks are actually loaded with caffeine, sugar and other unhealthy chemicals.

Healthy habit: Throw away the drinks and exercise in the morning. This naturally promotes blood flow, boosts your metabolism and makes you more productive. There's no need of artificial energy enhancers, your energy increases the whole day even with just a brisk walk.

2. Exercise at the gym to compensate your guilt. Losing excess weight involves healthy choices. With a 30-minute stroll on your treadmill or cross trainer will make a big difference for your energy and fitness than doing nothing. So, stick to your fitness goals.

Healthy habit: Plan the right exercise program that targets your goals and incorporate it in your daily routine. Then gradually increase the level of intensity and you'll surely get to your goals.

3. Saying "I'll have a diet cola for my express meal order" assuming that gets him free from the calories guilt.

Addiction to junk food is something to deal with, if you're assuming that including a diet cola will somehow neutralize it, you're actually fooling yourself. Diet drinks do not contain the same nutritional value as loaded drinks have. You should know that all bubbly drinks either contain sugar or the kind of sugar that contains chemically-changed sweeteners.

Healthy habit: Diet soda is found anywhere and this is devoid of excuses. Just fill your water tank with 2 liters of water every day or according to your needs based on your activity levels.

4. Saying "I hate broccoli." Most people don't like to eat this, but you need to eat broccoli and other veggies because they're a good source of nutrients your body needs.

Healthy habit: Find a $10 healthy cookbook to help you learn creative ways in how to make your veggies and salads more appealing to your taste buds. The trick is to gradually introduce three new vegetables into your kitchen. In no time, you'll learn to love them.

5. Leaving all the work to the machines. Escalators are good, but taking the stairs to go up and down a building is better. Why take the bus or a taxi when you can walk? There are many ways to exercise.

Healthy habit: Instead of letting the machines do the work, get your body moving by walking or jogging and do something.

6. Cigarette breaks throughout the day. Before you light up a cigarette on each break only to stay in one place, think of doing something productive to get your moving. It takes you two minutes to get downstairs and two minutes to get back to your desk, isn't it a good exercise?

Healthy habit: Join a support group and learn how to put an end to this unhealthy habit. You may want to buy a quit smoking book.

7. You're obsessed with stuff. So you've got the latest gadgets, all within your easy reach. But as a result to getting all the latest stuff, you've sacrificed your health. But when something goes wrong with your health, those stuffs can't help. You should know that your health is more valuable than any high ticket gadget.

Healthy habit: Try to stay away from your gadgets for one week leaving you with time for yourself and exercise. You'll likely learn to lead a healthier lifestyle.

8. Calling 1800-Fitness. You really think you did the right thing because you've seen it on TV or on a print ad. The low-carb diet can't actually make a difference for the long term.

Healthy habit: Try a six months plan for healthy eating and quality exercise then seriously follow your plan. You may want to train with someone, join a boot camp or hit the gym for group fitness. Live a healthy lifestyle - cook, exercise, walk, run and dance!

Some of these healthy habits are not easy to implement. But it's possible to do them for the better. You can start that change now. Begin by making a gradual lifestyle change by making good dietary decisions, planning a regular physical fitness activity and ultimately you can create a healthy lifestyle.