Healthy Habits Equals A Healthy Life

One of the most important changes you will need to make when you are focusing on losing weight is developing healthy habits to guide you through each day. Since weight gain is generally the result of unhealthy eating in conjunction with a lack of exercise, it's important to find out what is currently happening on a regular basis so you know what to focus on.

Once you find out what you need to devote some attention to, you will be better able to tackle the entire process and make some actual progress. Here are some questions to help you identify potential problem areas that may need to be addressed in order to start forming some healthy habits to guide you through each day.

1) What do you generally eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
2) What do you usually drink on any given day?
3) Do you snack in the car, while watching tv, using the computer, or reading a book?
4) How many glass of water do you drink per day?
5) Eat food late at night?
6) Do you eat at restaurants or fast food places often?
7) What types of snacks and drinks do you have in your kitchen?
8) How often do you exercise each week?
9) What types of beverages do you usually drink?

As you answer these questions, you may notice certain habits that may be considered unhealthy. These are the specific areas you will need to focus on and improve.

For instance, maybe you realize that you drink three sodas a day, snack on Doritos while watching tv, eat crackers from a box in the car while driving to work, and regularly eat a giant bowl of ice cream at night before going to sleep. These would be the habits you should to change when losing weight is truly one of your top priorities. These are the types of habits you need to break in order to develop new, healthy habits to take their place.

Even though one soda does not seem as if it would matter much in regards to your weight, think of the bigger picture. Replacing just one soda per day with water will rid your body of 15 pounds per year! That's why it is SO IMPORTANT you develop healthy habits in regards to eating, snacking, and exercise because once you do, and stick with it regularly, the weight will come off.