Healthy Habits

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about habits! Habits when it comes to my health and if there is anything I can share with you here today. You know things like healthy habits, eating habits, simply good habits! Or maybe even sleeping habits because sleep is the lost pillar when we think about the 6 pillars of wellness. Most today don't even consider sleep as being important or vital for wellbeing. Yet I digress.

When I first began the journey to wellness the very first thing I started as one of my daily habits was taking vitamins. I actually joined a network marketing company that made a supplement line of products and I took them everyday without fail. At that time I was not even sure if these products were going to make a differance for my health. Guess what? They did! Actually taking those supplements starting in 1993 are the reason I still take many vitamins from that same company today! And that started a snowball of habits that continue today. Taking supplements is still a healthy habit today because it was something I could do then and still is something I can do consistently without much effort, seeing healthy results. And that is really what we want to see from our habits isn't it?

The second thing I did on a daily basis was begin to drink water. For years I had been drinking coffee, soda pop with no water in my day and to change to include water in my day with less coffee and no pop was really remarkable. Again I began the water habit not really sure how I was going to feel and I actually began to feel more energized, thinking more clearly.

Good Habits

As I began making these changes and developing my habits the one thing I did do was never say never. I was simply adding to my day. Adding vitamins, adding water. As these became a part of my day without thinking then the idea to remove the things like soda were put into action. It really did become easy as I did not feel any pressure or failure.

I guess without realizing what I was doing I was taking action in small bites until it was simply a part of myday.

And over a long period of time I have simply added to my daily habits bit by bit. You know experimenting with foods, exercise ideas, meditations, sleep times, vitamins. There are many habits I include daily today and will share more over the next few weeks.

Most importantly it is never to late to change your habits and start new ones that will move you forward in how you feel.

I have written before about adding water into your daily habits. In my experience with working with clients the one thing most never do in the beginning is drink water.

Are you drinking water? How much? Is this something you will work on until you are drinking 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces per day? It is as simple as adding a glass of water before each meal and snack. Depending how you schedule those you may eat a few times a day so your water intake could be 3-4 without even trying hard! Do this until it is a part of your daily habits and check back here as there will be more ideas on creating habits easily and effortless over the next few weeks.